Angelina Jolie recruits cyber team to monitor content kids encounter online

Angelina Jolie

Beijing, Dec 17: Angelina Jolie has recently hired a team of cyber security for her kids’ safe internet surfing.

Jolie said that she was not sure that her little ones are ready for the digital world, therefore she and husband Brad Pitt recruited some people to monitor the Internet and social media content that their kids encounter, People magazine reported.

Neither Jolie nor the ‘Fury’ actor are active on social media, and admitted that their poor understanding of social networks and online activity spurred them to hire the team of experts to protect her children.

Recently, the UN goodwill ambassador stated that US must “lead the way” against torture in its policies and that any country in a leading democracy must set an example.

Angelina told BBC Arabic that there are reasons why we have laws against torture and reasons why we have Geneva Conventions and we must follow them.

She said that people must hold themselves accountable for what they do and how they behave, they have to be leaders in this world and we have to do the right things and make the right choices.

The American actress further said that if people want everyone to behave in a certain manner, then they must lead the way.

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