Apple`s new Mac operating system `Yosemite` now available

Apple store in New York.

Cupertino, Oct 16: Apple made its new Mac operating system, Yosemite, available as a free download starting Thursday.

Apple is also expected to unveil new iPads, as the company tries to drive excitement amid slowing demand for tablet computers, and may announce new Mac computers.

CEO Tim Cook opened the company event by touting strong reception to the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, released last month, and said there’s more to come.

He said: “It’s been an incredible year and tremendously busy already,” adding that the new iPhones have been the fastest-selling in Apple’s history.

The Mac update includes aesthetic changes as well as new functionality, such as the ability to make phone calls with an iPhone nearby and a one-stop search tool for both locally stored documents and online resources.

Apple has been releasing Mac updates more frequently, in part to time them with annual changes to the iOS system for iPhones and iPads. Many of the new Mac features will complement what’s found in iOS 8, including the ability to start tasks such as email on one device and finish on another.

During a demo, Apple executive Craig Federighi made a phone call to Stephen Colbert from his Mac and connected with the comedian. The call was actually being made through a nearby iPhone.

He also used Apple’s upcoming Apple Watch as a remote control to control a Mac presentation being projected onto a big-screen set via Apple TV.

Starting last year, Apple has made its Mac updates available as a free download.

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