Australian state probes ISIS propaganda in schools; document reveals `plan` to wage war in India

Isis members in Aleppo, Syria.

Sydney, July 30: The government in the Australian state of New South Wales has reportedly launched an investigation into prayer sessions at all schools following revelations that students are preaching extremist propaganda in classrooms and playgrounds.

This decision to audit schools in Australia’s largest state, according a Straits Times report, is a follow-up to last week’s reports that police were conducting counter-terrorism investigations against radicals inspired by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) operating in schools.

Police has confirmed that a 17-year-old final-year student at Epping Boys High School, a state school in north-west Sydney, is being investigated for promoting extremist views. The student, apparently of Afghan origin, had tried twice to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS in the past two years, according to local media reports.

It may be noted that a recruitment document retrieved from Pakistan’s lawless tribal lands has revealed the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria’s (ISIS) ‘grand ambition’ to ignite a war in India, build a new terror army in Pakistan and Afghanistan and provoke an Armageddon-like ‘end of the world’ situation.

The 32-page-document, titled ‘A Brief History of the Islamic State Caliphate ( ISC),’ has been obtained by American Media Institute (AMI), and says that ‘The Caliphate, according to the Prophet’, seeks to unite various terror factions in Afghanistan and Pakistan into a single army.

The document, which highlights a ‘never-before-seen’ history of the ISIS, describes future battle plans and urges Al Qaeda to join the group.

It says that the self-styled Islamic State leader should be recognised as the sole ruler of the world’s one billion-strong Muslim population under a religious empire called, ‘caliphate’.

The document also warns that ‘preparations’ are on for an attack in India and predicts that an attack will provoke an ‘apocalyptic confrontation’ with America.

The document also urges the world to ‘swallow the bitter truth’ that the caliphate will survive and prosper until it takes over the entire globe and beheads every last person who rebels against Allah.

US officials are concerned about the recruiting efforts of the ISIS, as the group has stepped up its online outreach.

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