`Creative` Justin Bieber gives brilliant artistic touch to new music video

Justin Bieber

London, June 30: Justin Bieber has showcased his brilliant artistic skills in a newly released behind-the-scenes clip of Skrillex and Diplo’s song ‘Where Are You Now’.

The new remix’s video of the 21-year-old singer has some unique, hand drawn elements and also revealed that how the team got artists to contribute to the promo of the video.

Bieber said that they tried out doing art in the background where actually they took frame and then gave it to artists who painted it.

Skrillex said that they rented out an art gallery and from there they took all the frames from the video and asked different artists and fans to draw on the different frames.

Recently, Bieber revealed that workouts and healthy diet are the secrets behind his perfectly shaped body.

When asked what he did to be in shape, he replied that he has been working out recently, but when he is on his shoot he spends two weeks before the shoot just for grinding it as he works out every day and eats healthy.

Moreover, when the ‘Baby’ hit maker was asked about his style statement, he said that he cannot describe his style, but he is into layering pieces right now like drapey sweaters and long stuff.

Earlier in an interview, the 21-year-old singer also gave a peek-a-boo about the ‘changes’ that are going on in his life as he talked about growing up.

Bieber said he is unsure about the positive changes, but being a human, he is growing as a man and he can’t say whether he made any mistakes or not, after all, he is a human.

The Canadian singer, who claims that this growth helps him in his music as well, added that he puts everything he has into music because that’s what he is made for and his growth is definitely a big part of his music, his creativity.

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