End of gender discrimination in Bollywood, SC allows women to become make-up artists


New Delhi, Nov 10: The SC on Monday quashed the six decade long practice that restricted women to become make-up artists in Bollywood and said that there should be no discrimination on the ground of gender.

The court has ordered removal of the rule of Maharashtra’s trade union that only allows men to become make-up artists while women can work as hair-dresser only.

Citing the reason behind such kind of prohibition the trade union says this is to ensure that the male make-up artists are not deprived of work. The SC termed this decade long practice that bars women from working as make-up artists as “unconstitutional, illegal and the worst kind of gender discrimination”.

The apex court bench also struck down the provision of the make-up artists and hairdressers association that mandated a person to be a resident of a particular place for five years to entitle him or her to become member of the association.

The court order came on a petition filed by woman make-up artist Charu Khurana who had challenged these two prohibitions of the association as being unfair to women.

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