Facebook secretly working on new website ‘Facebook at Work’ to compete with LinkedIn


Sydney, Nov 18: Facebook is preparing a new office version of its social networking site called ‘Facebook at Work’ to compete with other sites like LinkedIn.

It is reported that Facebook has been secretly working on the new website that would allow users connect with people on a professional front, chat with colleagues, collaborate over documents and make professional contacts.

The new website ‘Facebook at Work’ will reportedly offer similar feature as Facebook like newsfeed, messaging and groups. Along with the old features, the new tools will include the ability to work on shared documents.

It is also reported that Facebook and ‘ Facebook at Work’ will function separately and no information will be shared between the two.
Facebook, which has 1.35 billion monthly active users worldwide, was set up in 2004 by Zuckerberg with fellow students at Harvard University who wanted to set it up as a college networking site.

According to sources, the social networking site has been also testing a feature that lets users of the leading social network make purchases by simply pressing an on-screen “Buy” button.

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