Narendra Modi emerges as the country’s most popular politician after Haryana, Maharashtra poll results

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with party president Amit Shah

New Delhi, Oct 20: The Assembly poll results of Maharashtra and Haryana have once again brought cheers for the BJP, which repeated the success story of the Lok Sabha elections, and also proved the fact that the Modi wave still holds the charisma of influencing the voters.

The BJp not only wrested control of Haryana and is all set to form the government in Maharashtra but also stated the fact that Narendra Modi is currently the country’s most popular politician.

The 44-year-old MLA from Nagpur South-West, Devendra Fadnavis, is likely to be the next chief minister of Maharashtra, while in Haryana, the party has already won a majority, relegating Om Prakash Chautala and Congress to second and third spots respectively.

According to reports, BJP won 122 seats in Maharashtra, three more seats than what its estranged ally, Shiv Sena, was offering it for contest when alliance talks broke down. Sena, the dominant partner in the saffron alliance so far, finished second with 63 seats.
Congress got the third position with 42 seat, just one ahead of its former partner NCP, which has offered unconditional outside support to the BJP.

The BJP is headed to form its first-ever government in Mahrashtra which has 48 MP seats in the Lok Sabha.

Speaking to mediapersons, Amit Shah asserted that a BJP member will be the chief minister, indicating that the party was not averse to having a reunion with Shiv Sena though on its own terms.

In Haryana, the BJP has notched up an absolute majority, 47 in the House of 90. Congress with 15 seats scored four seats less than Chautala and will, therefore, not even in a position to play the role of principal opposition.

The BJP’s victory has largely been achieved on the strength of Modi’s popularity and the way BJP chief Amit Shah managed the political equations.

The assembly poll results have also highlighted the growing crisis in the Congress, as the party faced the worst-ever defeat in Maharashtra, where it remained the dominant force despite all odds even in 1978.

The loss of Haryana put forth the fact that Congress is in office in only Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand in the entire north. It has governments in only three states — Karnataka, Kerala and Assam — with double-digit representation in LS.

If we delve deep, the situation is worse than 1977, when the Congress had lost office at the Centre and in the entire north, but it still dominates the south and remained a resilient force and staged a comeback under Indira Gandhi.

The lack of leadership in the Congress` is perhaps the reality that the party has to look into if it wants to revive its political prospects in future.

(Goindianews Bureau)


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