Obama asks European, Greece leaders to strike deal as Greek PM calls him to discuss debt crisis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

Washington, July 8: US President Barack Obama has asked the European and Greece leaders to strike a deal on the debt crisis that can benefit the global economy as a whole.

According to reports, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had phoned President Obama on Tuesday and briefed him about the crisis.

US President has reportedly stated that it is in everyone’s interest that Greece and its creditors reach a mutually-acceptable agreement.

The White House in a statement said: “The President received an update from Prime Minister Tsipras on his ideas for a path forward between Greece and its creditors.”

Obama also spoke with German Chancellor Angela Merkel about Greece debt crisis and both the two leaders agreed that it is in everyone’s interest to reach a durable agreement that will allow Greece to resume reforms, return to growth, and achieve debt sustainability within the Eurozone.

The White House further said: “The leaders noted that their economic teams are monitoring the situation in Greece and remain in close contact.” it said.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters: “The conversations reflected the view that all parties continue to acknowledge that it’s in their collective and mutual interest for Greece to remain part of the Eurozone.”

He further said: “But the only way that we’ll succeed in achieving that goal is for all of the parties to agree to a package of reforms and financing that puts Greece back on a path toward economic growth and debt sustainability,” adding “That is the solution here.?I don’t mean to suggest that because it’s easy to articulate the solution, that it’s easy to agree to a solution.”

Earnest said: “In fact, this is quite complicated. But we continue to take heart in the fact that everyone who’s sitting around that table acknowledges that it?s in their collective interest for this to be resolved in that way.”

“So we`re going to continue to encourage all sides to participate constructively in those conversations. Obviously the fact that they’re meeting right now as we speak is good because it?s necessary for an agreement to be reached,” the spokesperson said.

Earlier on Tuesday, the White House has urged Greece and EU leaders to find a compromise to keep the cash-strapped country in the eurozone, after Greeks voted resoundingly to reject an austerity-based bailout.

It was the first official US comment on Sunday’s referendum, in which Greeks voted by a 61 per cent majority to reject a bailout deal from the European Union that required more austerity and reform, handing a victory to the ruling radical Syriza party.

President Barack Obama had spoken by phone with French President Francois Hollande about keeping Greece in the eurozone.

Meanwhile, US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew spoke by telephone with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and with new Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos.

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