Over 100 feared dead in Indonesia military plane crash on the island of Sumatra

Over 100 feared dead in Indonesia military plane crash

Medan (Indonesia), June 30: More than 100 people were feared dead after an Indonesian air force transport plane crashed into a residential area shortly after take-off in northern part of the country on Tuesday.

The crash of the C-130B Hercules aircraft, which went into service half a century ago, is bound to put a fresh spotlight on Indonesia’s woeful air safety record and its aging planes.

According to officials, the plane plunged into a built-up area of the Sumatra city of Medan, while eye witnesses said it had appeared to explode shortly before it smashed into houses and a hotel.

Buildings were reportedly left in ruins and cars reduced to flaming wrecks when the Hercules C-130 came down in a residential area of Medan, a city of two million on the island of Sumatra.

Air force chief Agus Supriatna said the manifest showed there were 113 people on board the plane — 12 crew and 101 passengers — when it crashed, and he did not believe any had survived.

He told a news agency: “No, no. No survivors, I have just returned from the site,” adding that so far, 49 bodies had been recovered and taken to hospital.

Many passengers were likely to be family members of servicemen and women, said a spokesman for Medan airbase, where the plane took off. At least one child has so far been confirmed killed.

The local search and rescue agency also said that three people were killed on the ground when the 51-year-old plane went down near a newly built residential area, hitting a massage parlour and a small hotel.

A rescue operation swung into action, with ambulances ferrying bodies from the site, and crowds of anxious residents gathering around a police cordon to view the smouldering wreckage.

Residents of Medan described the terrifying moment just after midday when the plane came down.

“It was very scary,” said Novi, an employee of an international school who goes by one name, describing how she heard the plane and saw it flying very low before the crash.

Another local resident Januar, 26, said the aircraft appeared to be in trouble just before the accident, adding “I saw the plane from the direction of the airport and it was tilting already, then I saw smoke billowing.”

Medan’s police chief described the bodies as “crushed by debris of the buildings and the fuselage”.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed sorrow at the accident, tweeting: “May the families be given patience and strength… May we remain protected from disaster.”

The plane took off at 12:08 pm (0508 GMT) from the airbase and crashed in the city about two minutes later, about five kilometres from the base, according to the military.

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