PM Modi announces `Start-Up India` to encourage entrepreneurship, says `no place for casteism, communalism`

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's address to the nation

New Delhi, Aug 15: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday announced the ‘Start-Up India’ initiative, which would encourage entrepreneurship among the youth of India.

During his second Independence Day address to the nation on Saturday, he said, “Start-up India; Stand up India will promote bank financing for start-ups and offer incentives to enhance entrepreneurship and job creation.”

The Prime Minister said each of the 1.25 lakh bank branches should encourage at least one Dalit or Adivasi entrepreneur and at least one woman entrepreneur.

The initiative, Modi said, would provide a new dimension to entrepreneurship and help in setting up of a network of start-ups in the country.

Swacch Bharat Abhiyan

The Prime Minister said that ‘] Swacch Bharat Abhiyan’ has touched every person in the country and thanked the children of the nation for enthusiastically participating in the cleanliness campaign.

He said: “Last time, from the Red Fort, I spoke about toilets and cleanliness. People wondered what kind of PM is he, talking about these issues… If there is something that has touched every person, it is the movement towards cleanliness.”

The Prime Minister further said: “People from all walks of life, spiritual leaders, media friends, celebrities, everyone haVE worked to create awareness… Who has given maximum strength to Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan? It is the children of India.”

Bank accounts essential

The Prime Minister said that bank accounts are essential for integrating the poor of the nation into the financial system, and added that the government’s programmes are aimed at benefiting the poor.

He said: “Bank accounts are essential for integrating the poor into the financial system… The doors of the banks were not open for the poor. We decided this must end. We wanted to strengthen financial inclusion.”

“Nobody wants to remain poor. Those who are poor, want to move away from poverty. That is why all our programmes must be for the poor,” he added.

No place for casteism, communalism

The Prime Minister said there is no place for casteism or communalism in India, and added that these two menaces that bedevil society would not be tolerated at all.

He said: “Be it casteism or communalism, there is no place for them. In no way can they be tolerated. If the unity of India is destroyed, then the dreams of the people are also destroyed.”

Re-emphasing on the need to keep the nation united, the Prime Minister said, “This is Team India, a team of 125 crore Indians. This is the team that makes the nation and takes our nation to new heights.”

Simplicity and unity are India’s strength

The Prime Minister said that simplicity and unity are India’s strength after unfurling the national tricolor from the ramparts of the 17th century-built Red Fort on the occasion of the country’s 69th Independence Day today.

Paying tribute to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat before arriving at the Red Fort for his second Independence Day address to the nation as Prime Minister, Modi said the poison of casteism and communalism has no place in India and we have to defeat these through development.

Extending his heartfelt greetings to the nation, Modi said during his nearly 90-minute long speech that August 15 should always be seen as a morning of hope of the dreams and aspirations of 125 crore Indians.

Saying that the people’s participation is the biggest asset of a democracy, he said that Team India of 125 crore people can take the nation to new heights.

Emphasizing that in the year-and-a-half of the NDA government, there was now a new atmosphere of trust, the Prime Minister said the doors of banks have been opened to the poor through schemes such as the Jan Dhan Yojana and MNREGA to strengthen financial inclusion.

Modi said bank accounts are essential for integrating the poor into the financial system and substantiated his claim by revealing that Rs. 20,000 crores has been deposited in 17 crore Jan Dhan bank accounts.

Modi said his government has also focused on social security and introduced the Pradhan Mantri Beema Yojana and Atal Pension Yojana as promised.

The Prime Minister used the occasion of his address to pay homage to the great people who had sacrificed their lives for India during the country’s freedom struggle.

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