Rahul Gandhi accuses PM Narendra Modi of snatching panchayats` rights in Jharkhand

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi

Godda (Jharkhand), Dec 17: Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was snatching the rights of panchayats in Jharkhand.

Continuing his tirade against the Prime Minister, Rahul said: “You must ask Prime Minister Modiji a question, if he doesn’t want land in Jharkhand, then why is he snatching the rights of the panchayats.”

Rahul blamed Prime Minister Modi for doing the same thing in every law, adding “In MGNREGA, we gave authority to the panchayat, but he took away power from them, RTI never worked in Gujarat, whatever was done there to the tribals and the land, that is history.”

Gandhi further said: “There are two ways to run a government. One is to empower the public, give them the authority and second is to run the country from the Centre, from the Prime Minister’s Office.”

Addressing a rally in Shikaripara in Dumka district, the Congress vice president emphasized that his fight in Jharkhand is for the weaker sections of society.

He said that farmers, tribals and women of the state must be empowered for development, adding that he and PM Modi had a difference of opinion over what method was best to take the state forward.

Speaking to mediapersons after addressing the rally, Rahul said that farmers, tribals and women of Jharkhand must be empowered for the state to develop.

He said: “There is a difference in the way I think and the way the Prime Minister thinks. He feels that he can develop Jharkhand while sitting in New Delhi, I do not agree with this. I want to empower farmers, tribals and women of Jharkhand to strengthen the state.”

“Unless we give rights to people and empower them, a state like Jharkhand cannot move forward,” he added.

The Gandhi scion also accused the ruling government at the Centre of being pro-industrialist.

He added: “They only want to work for a few industrialists because they are the ones who fund their campaigns.”

The final phase of the five-phased assembly elections in Jharkhand will take place on December 20, with the counting of the votes scheduled to take place on December 23.

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