Rahul Gandhi pooh-poohs Modi govt`s Clean India Mission as a photo opportunity

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, Nov 13: Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday flayed the Narendra Modi-led NDA government over its ‘Clean India Mission’ and dismissed it as a “photo opportunity”.

Rahul alleged that those who are cleaning up the country on one hand are spreading the poison of hatred on the other hand.

He said: “This country is like the house we live in, on one hand people are cleaning up the house and on the other hand, they are spreading the poison of hatred – weakening the basis of our country. When the foundations are weak, then the enemies of this nation benefit.”

Addressing the 125th birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru at the Talkatora Stadium here, Rahul Gandhi said that angry people are running the nation.

Trying to bolster the morale of his party workers, Rahul said the Congress party has suffered setbacks, but never given up on its ideologies.

“The Congress may have made mistakes, but our intentions were pure. Democracy, if it means anything, means equality; not equality of possessing vote, but economic and social equality. Congress is an organisation that stands for a feeling of love and brotherhood,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Recalling Jawaharlal Nehru’s love for the country, Rahul said that the first Prime Minister of India had thanked the Britishers for putting him in jail and keeping him isolated, thus, making him realize his love for the motherland.

“In that, there was no anger – he thanked the British for putting him in jail and making him realize his love for the motherland,” he said.

He also credited Nehru for promoting English in the country, without which the IITs and the IIMs would not have been possible.

“Many wanted to get rid of English after 1947, but Nehruji said we will use English language to unite with the world. Nehruji said we must be connected to world, Britishers have left but we will benefit from their language,” he added.

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