Sonia attacks PM Modi, says ‘Mann ki Baat’ man retreats into ‘maun vrat’ when faced with scandals

Congress president Sonia Gandhi

New Delhi, Aug 3: Launching a direct attack at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Monday
said the ‘Mann ki Baat’ man appears to retreat into a ‘maun vrat’ whenever there is a scandal involving his

Addressing the Congress party`s parliamentary meeting, Sonia Gandhi said: “The Prime Minister has been very free with his promises. Yet he seems totally incapable of delivering on them. On the one hand, he never misses an opportunity to claim the moral high ground on transparency, integrity and accountability.”

Sonia further said: “On the other he has been conspicuous by his deafening silence on the blatant transgressions by his External Affairs Minister and two of his chief ministers.”

“There are others too in this roll call of dishonour but for the time being we are confining ourselves to these three. The “mann ki baat” man appears to retreat into a “maun vrat” whenever there is a scandal involving his colleagues,” she said.

The Congress president added: “The current session of Parliament is a relatively short one but it is already proving eventful. It has been eventful for one and only one reason-and that is the gross insensitivity of the Modi Government to public opinion, for its absolute silence on acts of monumental corruption, its wilful violations of the law and gross misdemeanours on the part of its leading lights.”

Tagged the Prime Minister as a ‘master re-packager’, Sonia said: “Since we met last, the Modi government has completed its first year in office and already it stands completely exposed. Of course, the Prime Minister has turned out to be a master re-packager, a skilful salesman, a sharp headline grabber and a clever news manager. Not a day passes without some UPA programme being given a new name or a new spin.”

“We cannot deny the Prime Minister this prerogative. But what is positively deplorable is the shocking cuts in the
budgetary allocations for these social sector schemes. That, and not the hijacking of our yojanas and initiatives, is
what is most destructive,” she said.

Another Congress leader from UP targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, asking “Where did the 56-inch chest go? Prime Minister Modi used to proudly say that if one head is decapitated, we will behead 10. Where have all his claims gone? And also, bravely saying that the day I will become the Prime Minister, no harm will come to India?”

“There have been over 1,144 ceasefire violations at the border of India and our brave Prime Minister is sitting silently and accepting gifts like mangoes and sarees,” Tiwari said.

“We just want to say that whether there is terrorism or a ceasefire violation, the Bharatiya Janata Party has always been timid and coward-like in its approach. They should follow the path of respected Indiraji’s and show courage and patience,” he added.

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